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As a birth doula, I will be by your side as a caring, calm, nurturing presence focusing my attention on ensuring your environment feels safe for you and your partner, while ensuring you feel cared for, understood and respected.


I can be as visible as you wish during this time or can be a positive presence in the background that will be there at anytime of need.

Whether at home or hospital, I remain by your side throughout your labour and birth, however long that may be. 

I will NOT provide medical advice but will offer supportive dialogue to enable you to make your individual decisions .

I will offer guidance on positioning if required and will be there to help relax you through gentle massage.

During your pregnancy, we will discuss your wishes for your baby’s birth and I will help if needed in creating your birth plan.

In our postnatal visits, we will reflect on your birth experience. I will also be there to supporting you with breast or bottle feeding and will signpost you to relevant information if required.

I'm sure we will laugh together and also cry but above all I will be there to hold and support you  and your family whenever needed. 

My service includes:

  • Two antenatal visits

  • 24/7 on-call from weeks 38-42

  • The birth 

  • Two postnatal visits 

  • Unlimited Email & telephone support

Water Birth

I am based in Liphook, Hampshire and cover all areas of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex I am willing to travel up to 45 minutes while also being available to stay away if required.

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