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About Me

Where do I start..

I am a prenatal, labour & postnatal doula in the Surrey & Hampshire area.

For as long as I can remember I have had a great interest in pregnancy, birth and beyond and this interest has continued to develop into a passion the older I have become.

I have 2 wonderful children a little boy of 3 and a 6-year-old daughter I have an amazing close knit family, consisting of 3 sisters (1 being my twin) 2 brothers, 2 nieces & a nephew. My family and friends are an incredibly important part of my life, and I wouldn't be who I am today without them all!

If I'm not working you may find me on long walks with my lovely Cavapoo Rusty, catching up with friends & family be it shopping, having coffee with friends, days out with our children's, evenings out or a giggly night in with the girls etc. 

I’m very much a people person and believe you can make anything fun with the right company. 

I had two very different experiences with both pregnancy and labours, but both had the very same outcome, the arrival of a happy and healthy baby. During my first pregnancy most aspects were straightforward until the 6-month mark when I suddenly became crippled with anxiety, and as some may have labelled it prenatal depression. This came on without warning and felt totally out of the blue as was something I had never experienced before.

I muddled on in my own way and thankfully with the help and support of family and friends, medication and light therapy my mental state began to improve. The reason I feel this is important to mention is because I understand mental health struggles and would and WILL do my utmost to support anyone that may ever find themselves feeling what I often call “wonky”, my first labour was long and had many interventions something that looking back on I would have thought differently about had I had the knowledge and experience I do now.

With my second child my pregnancy was smooth sailing as was my labour, this time I had a water birth with no intervention and everything went well, although shorty after that familiar “wonky” feeling returned with a vengeance not that I wanted to admit to myself or anyone else for a little while that it had. During the first 6 months of my lovely little boy’s life I struggled with my mental health massively and as us mothers do managed to keep everything going in and around my life, but didn’t feel remotely ok!.

Without going into detail I got there in the end and now have a huge toolkit of information, recommendations, experience, understanding and empathy should I ever need it. Having a doula in these times would have been something I feel I could never have put a price on! This is another reason I’m so passionate and grateful to be in the position, I am supporting women in this stage of their lives.

Before training with the brilliant Developing Doula’s I had previously been a support to many wonderful family’s, supporting them all in any way I could and still now feel so incredibly honoured to have been asked to be that person for many people.

Be it during labour, prenatally, supporting babies and families in special care, support and guidance with breastfeeding, cup or bottle feeding, or generally just being that person that will always be a shoulder, listening ear or just a positive presence when needed. Or even just a photographer/videographer, PA.

During all of these incredible experiences I then decided that becoming a doula is something I didn’t just want to do, but was something I needed to do and it was then I felt I had found my calling. Having someone to support you and your family in these times is in my opinion is extremely important and significantly beneficial.

Something I feel passionate about is helping you understand that this is YOUR pregnancy and birth. I will help you tune into your instincts to understand you ARE able to make decisions for yourself, without being guided or persuaded by anyone else that has an opinion.

I will be someone you can have the conversations with but will NEVER tell you what you should or shouldn’t do nor will I say this is how I did It! We are all individuals, and this is the real beauty not one of our stories will be the same. 

As your doula I will do my utmost to hold space for you when needed, as will I bring positivity always!  (you can never have enough of that sprinkled everywhere!)

During labour I will do my absolute best to keep your space as calm and safe as possible, and will be aware of any preferences you may have and do my utmost to make these happen where possible. I can be sat with you holding your hand, massaging your back, keeping you cool and so on, or can be out of sight making the tea but a presence you know is there whenever needed. Everything I do during my time with you will be spent making sure you are as comfortable, held, listened to, safe, understood and as calm as possible and you will be MY PRIORITY!.

I will always come and help for a minimum of 2 hours once home, even if you haven’t requested postnatal hours. This is something I personally feel is incredibly important and for this reason I will never charge for these 2 hours.  You can decide when you want to use them but want all my clients to know they have them available whenever required.

This also doesn’t mean I will come and hold your new baby and drink tea ( of course unless that’s what you wanted). But to use this time to support you and your family may it be cooking your dinner, cleaning the kitchen, bathing and putting children to bed, sorting laundry while just being that extra pair of hands always needed after having a new baby or babies.

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