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As a prenatal Doula I offer 

 support during pregnancy, while gently encouraging Mothers to tune into their instincts, helping them to make informed decisions when needed.

I am able to accompany prenatal appointments if requested and will be a non bias ,positive presence in the run up to the birth.

During our prenatal sessions together we will go over your birth preferences, making sure you feel confident in your decisions, while ensuring you fully understand you have choice's and are absolutely entitled to choose what suits you and your partner best. 

We can experiment birth positions together enabling your partner to get hands on practise in supporting you. This also gives your birth partner an opportunity to talk through any worries or concerns they may have, while also giving them chance to ask questions that may not have been covered before. 

I will also give you the opportunity to think about your postnatal period, and what kind of preparation you may want in hand before this time.  

If requested we can discuss what you will need for your new baby,  I will happily signpost you to relevant information and recommendations or even shop with you to find these items if preferred. 

As your prenatal doula I will be there to support you however you may need me! During our time together I will do my utmost to make sure you feel as listened to, understood, held, calm &  prepared for the arrival of your new baby/ babies .

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
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